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Lead Instructor

Develop your Practical Shooting skills,utilizing the Safety of modern Air Soft, & low Caliber Weapons.

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Members = UKPSA & NRA + The Tunnel Target Sports Centre.

Based in Dorset UK - Outreach & Range Visits to a location near you
Also Available.

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Air Soft weapons make great, safe training tools.


No matter if your training for a competition, or wish to build up your plinking skills. 

Air Soft Weapons allow us to safely take you though correct & safe procedure's , whilst challenging you to your own personal speed vs accuracy limits..


Air Soft weapons are used by Military & Police organisations around the World as safe & cost effective training tools.  

We focus on  Competition , however the Skills also transfer  to "Air Soft Skirmish", & "Live fire Practical Shooting".


What we offer

Beginner, & intermediate training & advise in the safe application of the following.......

 Rifle & Pistol


Grip & Stance.


Drawing from a holster.


Speed Reloads.


Shooting with both eyes open.


Dry fire Tips & Exercises.

Skills transferable between "Action Air " & "Live fire".


Moving & Engaging targets, Through & around

Objects & Obstacles.

Timed Competition Style Stages.

Tactical Style 2 Gun Sling & Holster  Transitions.


Equipment can be  provided.


Please contact via our  form or

contact Button for info & availability.


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Sessions Also Availible in .22 Rimfire ( UK )
& 9mm ( Greece)
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